Is your loved one safe in a nursing home?

According to The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, more than 24,200 people in Connecticut are residents at certified nursing home facilities. Additionally, thousands of more people live at assisted living facilities or rely upon the assistance and care of in-home nursing aides. These individuals tend to be elderly, physically disabled and have special medical and care needs.

Nursing home residents, and their family members, trust and rely upon nursing home administrators and individual staff members for their safety and care. Unfortunately, there are times when a nursing home and its staff members fail to address the specific and unique health and safety needs of individual residents. When these types of oversights and infractions occur, residents are at risk of suffering painful and debilitating injuries.

Recently, Connecticut’s Department of Public Health issued fines to five nursing homes in relation to serious injuries suffered by residents at the facilities. At one facility, a resident who was left alone while using the restroom fell and suffered broken ribs and a broken leg. In another incident, a resident was hospitalized after suffering “dehydration and acute kidney injury,” while in the care of the nursing home. The DPH also issued a citation to one skilled nursing home after a resident suffered serious burns over the hand and abdomen when coffee spilled.

Nursing home residents are a vulnerable population the safety and wellbeing of which must be respected and protected. In cases where an individual has concerns about a loved one’s physical and mental health and how a nursing home is addressing these concerns, it’s wise to consult with an attorney. This is especially true in cases where a loved one has suffered injuries that are believed to be related to neglect or abuse.

Source:, “Five Ct Nursing Homes Fined Following Injuries To Residents,” Kate Farrish, Oct. 21, 2015

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