Lawsuit asserts BMW knew about power loss auto defect

The German automobile brand known as BMW is synonymous with luxury and speed. While BMW models frequently grace the lists of top motor vehicle performers, the auto maker is currently facing questions about the safety of potentially hundreds of thousands of its vehicles.

Earlier this month, a Connecticut man filed a lawsuit against BMW in which he asserts that a defect in some BMW vehicles can cause the cars’ electronics systems to short out, thereby rendering the vehicles without power. This most recent lawsuit follows numerous reports and complaints from BMW owners who unexpectedly experienced total loss of power while operating their BMW vehicles.

The vehicles are said to lose power when moisture from the sunroof drainage system leaks into a vehicle’s trunk. In those models affected, the key electronics operating systems are located under the spare tire compartment in the trunk. When exposed to moisture, these poorly designed and defective auto parts and systems short out and stop working.

In addition to calling upon BMW to assume financial responsibility to fix problems caused by this defective auto design, the Connecticut man is also calling upon the auto maker to admit it failed to inform BMW owners of the existence of and dangers caused by the defect.

Auto makers and manufacturers who fail to take steps to address poorly designed and defective auto systems may be responsible for the injuries and deaths of numerous drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Individuals who believe they have been adversely impacted due to an auto defect can benefit from the advice and assistance of an attorney.

Source: Forbes, “Will BMW Pay $800 Million To Fix Cause Of Sudden Engine Failure?,” Peter Cohan, June 29, 2015

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