What laws exist for cellphone-using Connecticut drivers?

A couple of months ago, we wrote a post about a survey that revealed just how bad the distracted driving problem has become for all drivers in the United States. That survey found that 61 percent of drivers admitted to texting while driving. That’s a staggering figure, and the more people who are texting and driving out there, the more tragic accidents will occur.

That statistic is only made worse when you hear about some other distracted driving figures. According to distraction.gov, 3,154 people died in car accidents that involved distracted driving. Furthermore, 424,000 people were injured in those distracted driving accidents.

Obviously, we have a major problem in this country with our cellphone use (and our persistent need to check our phones behind the wheel of a car). As a result, most states have responded with extensive laws that forbid texting while driving and cellphone use while behind the wheel in certain circumstances.

Here in Connecticut, all drivers are forbidden from texting while driving, as well as using handheld devices when driving. These laws are primary offenses. Additionally, bus drivers and novice drivers are banned from any cellphone use — even if the device is hands-free.

These bans are crucial, but there are still plenty of distracted driving accidents that occur. Distracted driving encompasses many more behaviors than just cellphone use. For those that are injured in such an unfortunate event as a distracted driving accident, you need to consider your legal options to ensure you are taken care of in the wake of the wreck.

Source: Distraction.gov, “Facts and Statistics,” Accessed July 29, 2015

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