When a work injury occurs

Work-related accidents and injuries are fairly common and, at times, may be serious enough to warrant medical care, inhibit a worker’s ability to return to work and result in a permanent disability. For these workers, the state’s workers’ compensation program can provide much needed compensation while one recovers from his or her injuries or in the event that a worker’s injuries prevent his or her return to work.

For every worker in the state, it’s important to understand what you should and should not do if you or a loved one suffers a work-related injury. With any injury that occurs at work or while an individual is performing work-related duties, it’s important to notify an employer as soon as possible. An employer will direct an injured employee to a preferred medical facility where he or she will receive prompt medical attention.

A worker should then take steps to file an official workers’ compensation claim in which he or she must provide details related to an injury as well as the circumstances that lead to the injury. Provided a claim isn’t denied, an injured worker should start receiving benefits within a couple of weeks of filing a claim.

There are several reasons why a claim may be denied. For example, an employer may dispute that an injury was work-related. Likewise, an employer’s insurance company may deny a claim based upon the results of a medical exam. If a claim is denied, a worker can appeal the denial at what’s known as an Informal Hearing during which he or she must provide compelling evidence that disputes a denial.

Even in cases where benefits are awarded, at any time, an employer’s insurance company may take action to stop, shorten the duration or decrease the amount of benefits being paid. For an injured worker who faces issues securing or keeping benefits, an attorney who handles workers’ compensation matters can provide valuable advice and strong legal advocacy throughout the entire process.

Source: State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission, “An Employee’s Pocket Guide To Connecticut Workers’ Compensation,” John A. Mastropietro, Nov. 10, 2015

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