Cervical Fusion

Cervical fusion is a major surgery that individuals may undergo, often as a result of accidents. Unfortunately, it can lead to substantial medical bills and loss of income due to an inability to work.

However, if you require neck fusion due to an external event like a workplace or auto accident, you have the right to be compensated. You shouldn’t bear the burden of medical expenses when someone else is responsible. At Ganim Legal P.C., we ensure that you receive full compensation for your injuries and their long-term consequences.

So, what exactly is cervical fusion?

The joining of two or more vertebrae in the neck to create a single structure. The primary goal of cervical fusion is to alleviate back pain by restricting or eliminating movement between the affected bones.

One advantage of cervical fusion is that it prevents the nearby muscles, ligaments, and nerves from causing further pain.
However, it’s important to note that this procedure has some risks and additional medical costs. Having legal assistance to cover all your medical expenses following cervical fusion caused by an accident is crucial. Ganim Legal P.C. is the law firm that stands by your side, providing the necessary support.


Let’s explore the different types of cervical fusion:

Anterior Cervical Fusion (ACF)

Often combined with a discectomy, the damaged disc between the vertebrae is removed. This helps to relieve pressure on the nerve or spinal cord, reducing numbness, tingling, and pain. An implant or bone graft is placed in the cervical area to provide stability.

Posterior Cervical Fusion (PCF)

PCF involves making an incision on the back of the neck in the posterior cervical region.
Both ACF and PCF procedures have costs such as post-operative expenses, doctor consultations, and rehabilitation. Facing these expenses alone can be challenging for you and your loved ones. Seek the legal help you need to reduce this burden. Ganim Legal P.C. is here to assist you.

What causes the need for cervical fusion?

Auto and workplace-related accidents are the most common causes of cervical fusion.

In auto accidents, the neck is particularly vulnerable to damage due to the lack of support when in an accident. Strong whiplash can result in irreversible neck vertebrae damage making a cervical fusion necessary.

Workplace accidents can also be a cause, especially in physically demanding jobs. For instance, falling from scaffolds can lead to neck fractures requiring a fusion to heal.

Thankfully, there is a silver lining. If you’re involved in an auto accident where someone else is at fault, they are obligated to pay you for your injuries, treatment, and financial losses from the accident. In the case of workplace injuries, your employers are responsible for covering all medical costs associated with an injury that happens while you’re on the job.

Therefore, it is important to gather evidence to prove your claims. At Ganim Legal P.C., our experienced team specializes in car accidents and workplace injuries. We fight for your cause until you receive the compensation you deserve.



How can Ganim Legal P.C. assist you?

We provide top-quality legal assistance and guidance throughout the entire process, from educating you about the standard legal steps to filing the lawsuit. We’ve got you covered.

Here are some situations we can help with:

  • Auto accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Personal injuries
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