Hospitalizations are very stressful events that take a toll both on the hospitalized person and their close ones. When you find yourself hospitalized, you are already dealing with the hardships that this entails, such as agonizing pain, lack of energy, and most likely an unfavorable mood. On top of that, the bills stack, and you have to deal with equally important commitments, such as work and looking after children or family members.


Some of these contrivances can be alleviated, though. You can regain some of your economic welfare. Having one less problem to worry about when being hospitalized can be that oasis in your desert.


We are Ganim legal P.C., a law firm with 30 years of expertise under the operation and supervision of Attorney Paul Ganim, who is an eminent attorney that provides hospitalization-related legal services and assistance. You are no longer alone, Ganim Legal P.C. now looks after you.


What Is Hospitalization?

Hospitalization is the act of admitting an individual into a hospital. This can happen for various reasons. Testing, surgical procedures, medical treatments, medicine administration, or others are some of them. Sometimes, you may even be hospitalized to stabilize or monitor pre-existing conditions. Specific protocols are followed upon admittance, depending on the motive for hospitalization.


Concerning the complexity of the reason for hospitalization as well as the lengthiness of it, the costs may vary. Generally speaking, the costs can amount to a daily average of $3000, although they can be even more considerable if you do not have any type of health insurance company service provider.


Even if you do, they have full corporate teams of lawyers working for them to reduce liabilities. This means that they will go out of their way to cover as little as they can. It is our duty at Ganim Legal P.C. that you are fully compensated for your hospital stay.


Main Causes for Hospitalization

Causes for hospitalization are as diverse as they come, and even more so are the origins. These are some of the most common reasons why you may end up in the hospital:


  • Accidents
  • Poisoning
  • Violence
  • Heart diseases
  • Pneumonia
  • Skin infections
  • Cerebrovascular diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Burns
  • Allergies
  • Wounds


As you can tell, many of the main causes that render people hospitalized have a root cause in personal injuries—and in some cases, catastrophic injuries—accidents or workplace injuries contexts.


In layman’s terms, a personal injury consists of an injury inflicted on you by a third party due to negligence or some form of reckless conduct. In some severe cases, the figure of catastrophic injuries arises, where the bodily consequences are much more daunting.


Also, it may happen that you suffer an injury in your workplace and wind up in the hospital. Even if it is not severe and it is a routine health check, it carries costs that can affect your economy.


Whatever your circumstances are, you can be remunerated for your hospitalization bills and injuries, as long as you have a dedicated group of attorneys by your side. We are Ganim Legal P.C., the team of professionals who guard your finances and fend for your legal affairs.


Types of Hospitalization

Regarding types of hospitalization, there are several types of. These are some of them:


  • Full hospitalization
  • Same-day hospitalization
  • Outpatient hospitalization
  • Day hospital


Full Hospitalization


Full hospitalization is when you have to stay many days in hospital. This usually happens when you have to undergo surgery, as post-operative care can also be lengthy. In the case of surgeries, you are let in the day prior to surgery and become discharged once the doctors deem it adequate.


Same-Day Hospitalization


Same-day hospitalization happens when you are hospitalized on the same day of the procedure. Most of the time, you are also cleared on the same day, but sometimes you may require an overnight stay or more consequent days depending on the outcome and complexity of the procedure.


Outpatient Hospitalization


Outpatient hospitalization is when you continue your hospitalization in your abode. This usually happens when you have reached a stage where you no longer have to remain in the hospital but still need to be taken care of.


Day Hospitalization


Day hospitalization is a type of outpatient hospitalization where you enter on the same day and are cleared either on the same day too, or continue to spend the night at another facility.


Depending on the type of hospitalization you have to follow, it can happen that your medical insurance service provider will try to cover partial costs of your medical interventions.


Instead of aimlessly reading the fine print to try to make your claims valid, you can hire us, who will make sure you are entirely compensated. Ganim legal P.C. does it for you.


What Can You Do and How We Can Help You

Depending on your case, you can claim different forms of economical compensation. From property damage to medical bill coverage, you have different paths you can take.


In the case of personal injuries, most of the time, you can demand personal damage, loss of income, mental and physical damage, and diminished quality of life. If the injuries you have been hospitalized for are a result of a workplace-related injury, you can be compensated with the workers’ compensation.


This is what Ganim Legal P.C. can do for you in situations that require hospitalization:


  • Secure proper medical treatment so that you can return to normalcy promptly
  • Negotiate with your medical insurance provider if needed
  • Confect and file lawsuits with solid, factual documentation provided this instance is necessary


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