Shoulder Surgery

Injuries are commonplace ungrateful events that take place in different work environments on a daily basis worldwide. They affect your livelihood, as they deprive you of performing at 100% of your work duties. Besides, you also face a quite possible loss of future income depending on the severity of your injury.


Shoulder injuries are one of the most frequent injuries that take place at work, as you have to employ your arms for many different kinds of actions. Those that have to perform physical tasks in nature are at greater risk of suffering these injuries.


Furthermore, one unlucky road accident or faulty equipment mishap can also render your shoulder damaged.


Does having an injury of this nature automatically imply that you will have to deal with financial instability and a grim future? Not with Ganim Legal P.C. by your side. We provide extensive assistance regarding legal affairs that surround shoulder injuries.


What Is a Shoulder Injury?

Shoulder injuries are a form of injury that can negatively condition one or both of your shoulders. What can be particularly problematic about shoulder injuries is that they affect the full use and range of motion of the arm, as well as occasion disturbances in adjacent areas such as the neck, head, or back. Also, some individuals may face problems with sleep due to shoulder pain or discomfort.


While most of these injuries are not necessarily life-threatening, it is beneficial to seek out economic compensation that restores some of the inconveniences that shoulder injuries entail. Medical bills and rehabilitation costs can accumulate, and economic compensation can help in this regard. At Ganim Legal P.C., we are contributors to your road to recovery.


Common Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries influence you in diverse ways. They are mostly divided into two categories:


The first one consists of shoulder misalignment injuries. When this happens to your joints, you are bound to suffer from pain when raising the arm and feel as though your shoulder is constantly slipping out of place.


The second category is encompassed by impingements. When your shoulder muscles swell and pinch the shoulder blade, you are in front of a case of impingement. Repetitive tasks that place your arms above your head are the culprits for these.


These are some of the most occurrent shoulder injuries:


  • Shoulder blade fractures
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Tendinitis
  • Bursitis
  • Dislocations
  • Sprains
  • Strains


Causes for Shoulder Injuries

These are considered some of the most well-known causes of shoulder injuries:


  • Sport injuries
  • Workplace accidents
  • Work-related repetitive strain (i.e., heavy lifting or lifting objects in uncomfortable positions)
  • Third-party-induced accidents for negligent or reckless behavior
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Assault
  • Battery


When your injuries are related to the workplace, workers’ compensation comes into effect. In order to be compensated adequately, you must gather as much documentation as possible to rest your case. Insurance companies have a knack for contributing as little as possible, financially speaking. Therefore, even under the slightest suspicion of injury, you must be checked.


Regarding incidents where other parties are involved, such as personal injuries or battery, these acts constitute tort or criminal acts, respectively, meaning that you can be compensated, too, provided you manage to gather the pertinent evidence for your case.


In all situations, Ganim Legal P.C. helps you build your case from the ground up to effectively suffice your justified financial demands.


How Is Your Case Evaluated?

Generally speaking, the case is evaluated from many points of view. It all boils down to what can be proven. Your case is mostly evaluated depending on two main perspectives:


  • The extent of your injuries plus other damages you have suffered
  • The degree of responsibility the third party can be accounted for


What Evidence Do You Need?

This is what we recommend at Ganim Legal P.C. to do when you become the protagonist of a shoulder injury:


  • Record and document all relevant information surrounding the injury or accident while omitting as few details as possible
  • Keep photocopies of all original documentation or evidence that can be used for your case
  • Obtain testimonies from witnesses
  • Write down a highly detailed description of your injury


While following all of these steps is not a guarantee that your claims will automatically be heard, Ganim Legal P.C. does advise you to follow this path, as it surely increases your chances of getting what you want.


What Are Your Possibilities in Terms of Compensation?

In reference to compensation, you have varied possibilities. What decisively shapes the outcome and amount of your compensation rests upon the intricacy of your injuries as well as the resources you can employ as a plaintiff to make your case valid. With Ganim Legal P.C. on your team, your chances of being properly compensated simply skyrocket.


These are some of the usual claims people call for concerning shoulder injuries:


  • Damages
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of income


Ganim Legal P.C. is your perfect ally for shoulder injuries and other forms of personal injuries. Under the surveillance and active involvement of Attorney Paul Ganim, Ganim Legal P.C. is a leading law firm for injury cases. Schedule your free consultation with a representative today.