Herniated Discs

Vertebral discs are a very delicate part of the organism. Even though the vertebral column is a very resilient body part, it does not mean that you are exempt from suffering life-altering injuries that involve it.


One of the most common types of injury is herniated discs. More often than not, herniated discs happen with the passing of time, also known as “disc degradation”. Yet, sometimes herniated discs can also happen due to injuries in the workplace, or sustained in accidents and personal attacks.


What can be troublesome is effectively proving that your injuries are not a product of degradation. To do so, you must follow a series of steps only a competent team of attorneys can achieve successful results with. In this way, you can be economically compensated for it. Ganim Legal P.C. has extensive experience in personal injury and workplace cases that involve herniated discs.


What Can You Consider a Herniated Disc?

The vertebral discs are rubber-like, circular cushions that are located between the vertebrae in order to reduce the impact between them and to form the general structure of the spine.


In addition, these vertebral discs contain a soft substance that is akin to jelly, which is surrounded by a rubbery, robust exterior, also known as the annulus. When a portion of the nucleus pushes out of the annulus through a tear, this is called a herniated disc.


Since the symptoms of herniated discs are highly subjective, some people feel no repercussions at all from herniated discs, whereas some others cannot return to their previous degrees of normalcy. Furthermore, symptoms can sometimes take time to develop.


If you have suffered a herniated disc because of an external event different from age-related wear and tear, you have to be economically remunerated for the herniated disc healthcare costs, among others. Ganim Legal P.C. ensures that the troubles you have to deal with due to herniated discs are financially assuaged.


How Does a Herniated Disc Affect Your Life?

Generally speaking, the way in which herniated discs affect you is that discs are very close to nerve roots. It is a very frequent happening that protruding discs mess with the nerves, resulting in feelings of tingling or numbness that is not only reserved for the area in question, but for other parts where these nerves reach.


For instance, if you have a lower back herniated disc, you may also develop a case of sciatica. Sciatica’s trademark symptom is the feeling of a sharp pain shooting down your legs, which can prevent you from doing many actions.


Furthermore, the symptoms can worsen over time. These are some of the complementary symptoms that are brought about by herniated discs:


  • Bladder dysfunction
  • Bowel disturbances
  • Saddle anesthesia (loss of sensation of areas that hypothetically touch a saddle, such as the back of the legs, inner thighs, and rectum)


As you can see, this can severely impact your life in a negative way. As an example, under the circumstance that your job involves heavy lifting, your livelihood can easily become compromised by herniated discs. Thus, it is of supreme importance to obtain an economical indemnification for loss of earning capacity, mental and physical suffering, and medical expenses if your herniated disc has been caused by a third party or by work-related degradation. Ganim Legal P.C. is the law firm to aid you in these situations.


Common Causes for Herniated Discs

These are some of the common natural causes for herniated discs:


  • Excessive body weight
  • Genetics
  • Sitting for long periods
  • Sedentarism


Regarding external factors, these are also culprits for herniated discs:


  • Physically demanding jobs
  • Workplace injuries (i.e., lifting heavy objects, repetitive manual tasks, etc.)
  • Falling from a considerable height
  • Auto accidents
  • Blunt force trauma


When your job requires you to lift, pull, or push heavy objects in unnatural positions, accompanied by heavy back twisting and bending, your discs can easily wear down. Plus, if you perform repetitive tasks, or have fallen from a height, your employer must take care of all your medical costs. Ganim Legal P.C. is the law firm that fends for your workers’ compensation.


Else, if you have been involved in an accident or physical aggression, your economic needs cannot go unfulfilled either. Get Ganim Legal P.C. to handle it for you.


Legal Claims in the Context of Herniated Discs

When it comes down to claims, you have to consider the seriousness of the injury, your level of resulting impairment, your age when you got injured, and the repercussions of your injury both in work and in daily life matters. The claim can include the following items:


  • Treatment costs such as medical bills and rehabilitation
  • Caretaking duties by a significant other, family member, or friend
  • Psychological damages
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Loss of income (both present and future)


Depending on to what extent your future life will be jeopardized, the payment can also increase.


Ganim Legal P.C. can take your case and get problems solved for you. Attorney Paul Ganim and his team have over thirty years of experience regarding these matters. Schedule your free consultation today.