Personal Injury

You can get injured at any time. Sometimes, unfortunate events happen regardless of the moment, place, or people involved. What can also happen is that you get injured by others, with the possibility of facing life-changing problems as a consequence. For instance, having to pay for medical bills or being unable to work.

What can you do when this happens? Most likely, you can demand a personal injury claim. Ganim Legal P.C. examines your case closely to estimate your eligibility and to assess you throughout the whole legal process. Your life should not be left to fate’s goodwill. Let Ganim Legal P.C. extend you a helping hand.

What Is Considered a Personal Injury?

A personal injury constitutes the act of carrying out a legal process that seeks to compensate an injured party for physical, psychological, or economic damages caused by an either intentional, reckless, or negligent third party.

This means that if you or a close person have suffered any injuries that can be defined under these terms, you have the right to be compensated accordingly. Personal injuries are not only restricted to the damage—or damages—occasioned itself, but also to property damage, medical expenses, lost income and wages, and emotional distress, to mention a few.

When this happens, you have a two-year time window to build a case and take it to court. For this reason, you must hire the services of a legal team that guides you through the motions and joins you to build the case you need to construct to satisfy your claim.

We are Ganim Legal P.C., your legal advisors. With over 30 years of experience, Attorney Paul Ganim and his team are experts in the personal injury claim field, with scores of satisfied clients.

What Are the Different Types of Existing Personal Injury Claims?

Concerning personal injury claims, there are as many as types of events that cause them. These can have different forms of impact on your life, so it is advisable to know the different kinds of personal injury that exist.

This enables you to substantiate your claims based on the nature of the circumstances that surrounded the events which led to the injuries you have consequently sustained.

These are some of the most popular personal injury claims you can find:


Auto accident claims
(i.e., cars, trucks, buses, trains, and so on)

slip and fall

Slip-and-fall accident claims

assult claims

Assault claims

medical malpractice

Medical malpractice claims

premise liability

Premises liability


Workplace accidents

animal bites

Animal bites

product injury

Product liability

Frequently, many workplace-related injuries are covered by the workers’ system of compensation. Yet, they are sometimes reluctant to cover what they have to in full, only wanting to partially cover some medical expenses. In some cases, they refuse to do it at all. This is where our team at Ganim Legal P.C. comes into action to assist you with your claims.In the case of accidents, it can also happen that the third party’s insurance company or the third party themselves do not want to assume financial or legal responsibility for the events that befell. For these situations, it is also advisable to acquire our services.

How Can You Prove a Personal Injury?

There are numerous ways by which you can prove a personal injury case. For the most part, since personal injuries are based on tort law, you have to prove negligence of any sort on the third party’s side.When there is negligence of any kind on their part in terms of compromising your health, well-being, or safety in any way, your claim can be deemed valid.You can validate your claims by either proving there is a duty of care—and resulting breach of it—causation, or damages.

Duty of Care

The other part is a duty of care with you whenever they have to fend for your well-being because of the circumstances that surround the event. For example, when a doctor provides you with medical assistance, they owe you a duty of care.

Breach of Duty

When the breach of duty takes place, it simply means that the duty of care the third party had with you has been violated. Following the prior example, medical malpractice is considered a breach of duty.

You generally support your breach of duty claims with the testimonies of witnesses or documents that prove their duty of care and its subsequent breach.



Causation consists of proving that the nature of your injuries is a direct consequence of the third party’s materialization of their wrongdoing.

The best way to fulfill these claims is with the assistance of experts in the field that are relevant to the given context and situation.



The extent of the damages that you sustain directly due to the defendant’s breach of duty must be established to build your case successfully.

Our team of experts at Ganim Legal P.C. ponders the value of your claims, as we consider the existing evidence granted by the available documentation, plus all of the other damages you may have suffered, such as loss of income damages, pain and suffering, and other.


What Can Be the Amount of Your Compensation?

Depending on the impact of the injuries and damages you have suffered due to the incident, your compensation can be determined on the basis of your claims.

For instance, if after your injury, you require extensive—and expensive—medical care, your earning potential was severely diminished, and your capacity for enjoying life has been directly affected by the event, you are safe to assume that your compensation will be much greater than if the injuries are minor, and their impact is not as meaningful.

Regardless of the severity of your case, we can assist you in different ways with the services we offer:

  • We investigate your case deeply
  • We help you gather the needed evidence
  • We build your case
  • We tackle insurance company negotiations
  • We provide unparalleled support and guidance in your personal injury affairs

We are Ganim Legal P.C., the professional law firm commanded by Attorney Paul Ganim that takes your case and gets you compensated for your personal injury claims. Schedule your free consultation with a representative today.

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