About the Firm

At Ganim Legal, P.C. we understand what is at stake for our clients. Under the direction of Attorney Paul Ganim, our law firms focuses on effective legal solutions. But we know is more than just a a legal matter. It also can involve your well-being, your future and your loved ones. While your main priority is always to find the best possible results for your unique circumstances, we also focus on friendly and supportive services to help you weather the storm. 

About The Firm


The Road To Legal Resolution

If you need an attorney, it likely means you are facing difficult life event. Perhaps a family member has died and you need help probating the estate. Maybe you have been injured in a serious accident. Or you could be facing the end of a marriage. Regardless of your specific legal issue, the most important decision you need to make is whom to hire as your lawyer. 

Probate Disclaimer

Because Judge Ganim is a sitting judge, while he’s able to handle virtually everything in probate court-leveling proceedings, the only thing he is unable to personally attend are events in a probate court setting, In that case, another attorney from the firm would handle that portion of the hearing.