Real Estate

The transfer or sale of real estate can be a very involved process. Paul J. Ganim and the attorneys and staff at Ganim Legal, P.C., can help you get through the necessary paperwork and documentation involved in acquiring or selling commercial or residential real estate.

Real Estate Experience

Our law firm has experience in a myriad of situations that can arise during the changing of ownership, such as:
  • Representing the Purchaser or Seller in drafting, reviewing and/or negotiating Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Document review and due diligence. (Review of title, purchase agreements and loan documents associated with residential and commercial real estate)
  • Preparation of Deeds for conveyance of real estate (e.g. Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Fiduciary Deeds, etc.)
  • Clearing Title (researching title problems in preparation for sale, preparing Affidavits or other documents necessary to clear title, alternatives to probate, probate proceedings, quiet title actions, etc.)
  • Seller financing — preparation of Purchase Money Mortgage Notes and Mortgage Deeds
  • Drafting and reviewing Deed Restrictions or Restrictive Covenants
  • Drafting and reviewing of documents granted, deeded Easements or Rights of Way
  • Drafting special contract provisions for complex issues for residential and commercial real estate transactions
  • Environmental contamination and remediation issues (e.g. heating oil tanks, etc.)
  • Preparation of Assignment & Assumption of Lease agreements
  • Preparation of Owner and/or Mortgage Holder Title Insurance policies

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