Child Custody

Children can be deeply affected when their parents get divorced. However, while this will be an adjustment period for them, there are ways to help ease the transition. In the great majority of cases, it is important for kids to have continued relationships with both parents. Sometimes this means a joint physical custody arrangement. Other times, it is more appropriate for one parent to have primary custody and the other parent to have a set visitation schedule. Regardless of your specific circumstances, protecting your own parental rights is part of protecting your children’s best interests.

Understanding Child Custody In Connecticut

At Ganim Legal, P.C., we know that your children are the most important people in the world. Protecting their best interests is paramount, especially if you are facing a divorce. As your counsel, we will help you understand how child custody is determined and what you can do to support your position.

Attorney Paul Ganim is the leader of our firm and handles all child custody matters. He brings over 25 years of legal experience and has found resolution in even the most contested custody disputes. He is equipped to help you with any type of child custody issue, including:

  • Physical custody: where the children will live most of the time
  • Visitation rights and parenting time: a set schedule for children to spend time with each parent
  • Modifications: changing your custody agreement when there has been a significant change in circumstances
  • Grandparents’ rights: helping grandparents see their grandchildren
  • Paternity: child custody and visitation agreements for parents who were never married

When looking to create a child custody agreement, we encourage parents to work together to find a mutually agreed upon solution if possible. The better the relationship between the parents, the better for the children. However, this does not mean you have to sacrifice your parental rights or fighting for what you think is in the best interest of your kids. If negotiated talks or mediation does not give us the results you need, our lawyers are fully prepared to argue your case at trial.

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