Family Law

Family law issues are some of the most important matters you will ever have to address. They can affect your children, your financial stability, your safety and/or your future. With so much at stake, it can be incredibly stressful to navigate the legal process. That’s where an experienced lawyer can help.

Experienced Counsel for your
important legal issues.

Paul J. Ganim and the staff at Ganim Legal, P.C., can aid you in this emotional time. We offer well-balanced counsel to our clients and are extremely sensitive to the needs of those going through distressing periods. We handle a range of family law issues, including those involving:


Whether you are considering divorce or your spouse has already served you with a petition, our law firm can help.


Child Custody

Children can be deeply affected when their parents get divorced.


Child Support

All parents are financially responsible for their children.


The Road to resolution in family law.

Attorney Paul Ganim has nearly 25 years of legal experience in Connecticut. He has helped hundreds of family law clients find resolution to important issues, even when they couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Our law firm is able to resolve many family law issues through negotiation and/or mediation. This can save our clients the stress and cost associated with a trial. However, when your spouse or child’s other parent is being unreasonable or adversarial, we are fully prepared to take your matter to court. Our team is made up of aggressive litigators who are highly respected for their trial work.

Regardless of the route your matter takes, we have the ability to obtain results you can live with. As your counsel, our goal is to help you move past these legal issues as soon as possible so you can move forward to a better life.

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