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Attorney Paul Ganim is also an elected Probate Judge in Bridgeport, a position he has held since 1998. (Due to his appointment, Paul Ganim cannot represent probate clients in Bridgeport; however, he does represent families in other probate courts in the state, including those in Fairfield, New Haven, Stamford, Norwalk, Trumbull, Westport, Easton, Monroe, Wilton, and Redding. If you need a probate attorney in Bridgeport, we can refer you to competent counsel).

If you hire us as your legal advisors, we will assist you throughout the probate process. If you are the person responsible for managing someone’s estate (executor), we will explain your legal duties. If you are a beneficiary, we can help you understand your rights to inherit what was left to you.

WE also offer other legal help related to probate and estate matters, such as:



Having a properly drafted will is important. It’s a good idea to get help from a probate attorney like Paul Ganim. By working with someone experienced, you can make sure that your Last Will and Testament reflects your exact wishes. This reduces the chances of a court invalidating your will after you pass away.
Lawyers play an important role in resolving family conflicts, especially during the probate process. Sometimes, there can be disagreements among family members if the terms of a will don’t entirely satisfy everyone involved. This is where a skilled attorney can make a big impact. Ganim Legal P.C. can provide guidance and help ease tensions, promoting a more peaceful probate process. With our assistance, settling the estate can reach a smoother and more satisfactory resolution.

Hiring a lawyer is important to protect the estate from legal claims that can come up during the probate process, like creditors demanding payment or challenges to the validity of a will. That’s why having an experienced attorney like is crucial. With Ganim Legal’s help, you can ensure that the wishes of the deceased are respected and followed as they intended. We provide the necessary protection to safeguard the estate and make sure everything is handled properly.

In some cases, lawyers can help speed up the probate process. Probate can get complicated, especially if the person in charge of settling the estate (executor) doesn’t have much experience or knowledge about finances and the law. While lawyers can’t magically finish probate, they can be incredibly helpful in dealing with different challenges that may come up. With their expertise, our lawyers can simplify and navigate the complexities involved, making the process smoother and quicker.
If you have any questions about probate, our team at Ganim Legal, P.C. are available to help you understand and guide you through the process. Whether you’re directly involved as an heir or just want to clarify things, we can provide the information you need. We are committed to making sure you have a clear understanding of probate and know what to expect throughout the journey. We want to support you and ensure that you’re well-informed every step of the way.
When it comes to complex court filings and technical details, having an attorney’s help can be valuable. Executors have many responsibilities, including important court filings that play a role in the probate process. While it’s possible to do these filings on your own, the emotional stress of losing a loved one might make it something you’d rather not deal with. In these cases, Ganim Legal, P.C. can help. We not only take the burden off your shoulders, but also ensures that you understand the intricate technicalities involved in probate. This guidance reduces the chances of making unnecessary mistakes that could slow down the process.
Lawyers play a crucial role in ensuring that debts are settled correctly. Executors often face challenges when it comes to handling debts during the probate process. They may be cautious and delay releasing inheritances to avoid discovering unsettled debts later on. However, there are specific timelines set by the law for these processes. It’s important to understand these timelines, and Ganim Legal, P.C. can help you navigate them. With our guidance, you can be confident that you won’t unintentionally prolong the process longer than necessary. Allowing for a timely settlement of debts while protecting the interests of everyone involved.
Lawyers can help with specific needs that come up when dealing with estate settlements. Settling an estate means more than just dealing with debts and dividing inheritances. It involves various tasks that often require specialized skills. For example, assets may need to be accurately valued, and a detailed record of probate activities, including financial transactions, must be prepared. Moreover, there can be different legal problems that come up during the probate process. In such situations, Ganim Legal,P.C. is there to offer the necessary support and help you navigate these matters with as little stress and trouble as possible. We make sure you get the expert help you need to effectively solve these issues and make the probate process easier.
Lawyers are valuable assets for executors because they help protect their interests. As an executor, it’s important to understand that your personal interests could be at risk if you make mistakes that cause losses for the beneficiaries. In some cases, these errors have led to legal action from unhappy heirs. While having a lawyer doesn’t guarantee complete protection against lawsuits, it helps you make informed decisions and reduces the likelihood of mistakes that could hurt your personal wealth. By working with a lawyer, you can receive the necessary guidance to make wise choices, minimize the risk of errors, and safeguard your interests as an executor.
When someone we care about passes away, the idea of going through a complicated and lengthy legal process to settle their estate can be overwhelming. However, it’s an important step in paying off debts and transferring assets. The good news is that you don’t have to handle this on your own or face the complexities without help. By getting advice from a probate lawyer like Paul Ganim and his team, you can reduce stress and make the process easier. With their knowledge and support, you can navigate the necessary legal procedures easily and with greater peace of mind.
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