What is a Conservatorship?

When someone is no longer able to make financial or personal decisions for him or herself, it is common for a family member to request a conservatorship over that person’s affairs. An example might be if a parent is incapacitated by a stroke. In other cases, an individual may be competent to make these decisions, but wishes to legally appoint another person to help. An example of a voluntary conservator request may come from an elderly person who wants a son or daughter to help manage complex finances.

In Connecticut, there are two types of conservatorships: a conservator who is allowed to manage the financial affairs of another person and a conservator who is allowed to make personal decisions for another person (such as those involving medical care, housing, etc.). Sometimes one person will be appointed to do both. Conservator petitions are handled in Connecticut probate courts.

How Can I Get Help Becoming A Conservator?

At Ganim Legal, P.C., we help clients petition the court for voluntary and involuntary conservatorships. As your legal counsel, we will help you understand how the process works and what your legal obligations will require. Our firm also handles contested conservatorships for either side.

Our law firm is guided by Attorney Paul Ganim. He has nearly 25 years of legal experience and has handled conservatorships in a wide range of circumstances. Attorney Ganim is also an appointed Probate Judge in Bridgeport, a position he has held since 1998. As such, he is unable to act as legal counsel for those who have matters before the Bridgeport Probate Court, but we can recommend a competent lawyer who can. However, our lawyers do handle conservatorship matters before all other probate courts in Connecticut, including the probate courts in Fairfield, New Haven, Stamford, Norwalk, Trumbull, Westport, Easton, Monroe, Wilton and Redding.

Are You Ready To Learn More? We Can Help.

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