Claims Against The Estate

Legal details require attention following the death of a family member. In the midst of grief and devastation, spouses, siblings and children must navigate through a complex legal process. Families just looking to move on from tragedy need the help of a skilled and compassionate attorney.

Attorney Paul Ganim understands the frustration Bridgeport-area residents are feeling during the frustrating, yet necessary process of probating an estate. For nearly a quarter of a century, he has represented estate administrators and executors in probate courts throughout Connecticut.

A Trusted Advocate At Your Side During Claims Against An Estate

The waiting period following the filing of the will and appointment of the executor/administrator is a frustrating and uncertain time for a family wanting closure after the death of a loved one. For 150 days, potential creditors file claims for outstanding debts, specifically any obligations during the descendant’s lifetime. The responsibility for credit card bills, medical expenses and past-due utilities falls to the estate.

Following the waiting period, the executor presents an accounting of all estate activity. The Probate Court will review the accounting. It may schedule a hearing for those interested in voicing concerns or complaints regarding transactions, income received, expenses paid and the proposed final asset distribution.

Another waiting period commences. During a 30-day appeal period, disputes are heard for those objecting to the accounting. Should no one come forward, the estate process concludes. Property is transferred based on the will’s specific instructions.

Learn How A Probate Lawyer Can Help Your Family

During a legally complex and emotionally charged time, you need an advocate to address your concerns and answer all of your questions. Peace of mind seems impossible during a grieving process that requires administrative work and the possibility of litigation. To schedule a free initial consultation, call Paul Ganim and his staff at 203-864-6625.