Claims Against The Estate

Legal matters can be overwhelming when a family member passes away. It’s a difficult time filled with grief and confusion. That’s why it’s important to have a compassionate and skilled attorney by your side.The attorneys at Ganim Legal, P.C. understand the challenges when dealing with the legal process of probating an estate. We have helped estate administrators and executors in Connecticut probate courts for nearly 30 years.

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One of the challenges during this process is dealing with claims against the estate. Within 150 days, creditors can file claims for outstanding debts, such as credit card bills, medical expenses, or unpaid utilities. The estate is responsible for resolving these obligations.After the waiting period, the executor presents a detailed account of all estate activities then the Probate Court reviews it and may hold a hearing for anyone with concerns or complaints about the transactions, income, expenses, and proposed distribution of assets.There is another waiting period of 30 days, during which objections can be heard if someone objects to the account. If there are no objections, the estate process concludes, and the property is given out according to the instructions in the will.

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To navigate this legally complicated and emotionally draining time, you need an advocate who can address your concerns and answer your questions. To schedule a free consultation, call Paul Ganim and his team at 203-908-3100.

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