Estate Planning

At Ganim Legal, P.C., we have helped Connecticut residents with the complex process of estate planning. While no one wants to consider a time when they are not alive, proactive steps are necessary to provide peace of mind to family members left grieving a tragic loss.


Planning The End Of Your Life Is Something You Must Consider

Having a will, trust, conservatorship and power of attorney in place puts you in control of your assets and beneficiaries. Without clear directions, distribution of your assets must follow state law. Regardless, grieving family members must fill out complicated forms while adhering to strict deadlines and legal procedures.

End-of-life planning is complicated and emotionally charged. Health care directives and powers of attorney provide you a “voice” when you are incapacitated and unable to communicate. Loved ones are left to question your wishes as they exist in a formal legal document.


An Estate Planning Attorney Focused On Personalized Representation

For nearly 25 years, Paul Ganim has provided individualized representation to our clients seeking help with the drafting and review of wills, trusts and conservatorships. The founder of our firm spends time with clients to discuss the family dynamic and identify specific needs and goals. From there, he tailors strategies in selecting the best way to achieve those objectives.

In probate court, the founder of our firm continues his dedicated advocacy to ensure that the wishes of the deceased are carried out. Mr. Ganim navigates his clients through the process while striving to keep family conflict minimal and, if necessary, those breaching their fiduciary duty accountable.


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